What is a ransomware and how to protect your company against it

What is a Ransomware and how to protect your company against it

So there has been a strong push and alert from the whole world about this ransomware called WannaCry but did you know that ransomware has been a popular form of exploit in the cyber world for a few years now. Ransomware are more popular with corporate companies partly because of the higher quantum that they can receive when they manage to get ransom money and also the bigger effects it gets out of targeting corporates that might lose thousands in productivity cost when their systems are taken down by such malwares that aim to take control of your systems and servers and block access to functions.

So what exactly are ransomware and why are they so dangerous?


  • Ransomware are malwares that infect your computers

Ransomware can infect your computer through emails that you receive. The most common way of delivery is to send someone an email that has the ransomware in the email and for the unknowing staff member to open it up and infect the whole computer and even the server with the ransomware. Once the ransomware manages to get every system infected, it would activate and start to lock up all the functions and prevent you from using the system at all. This is when ransomware becomes the most potent because you can have highly sensitive data that is inside the system that you have no access to now. Or time sensitive data that you might need to trade with.

Some businesses that are big scale might also lose thousands in productivity lost because everyone just sits there and waits for things to happen.

  • Ransomware will lock your systems and threaten you with a ransom amount to unlock

So what happens when you have your systems locked. This criminals will start to request from you payment that will range from couple of hundreds to thousands and the amount can be substantial if they find out who they are dealing with. The most common way of receiving such payments is through bitcoin wallets and this is something that most law agencies are still unable to trace.

Once payment is made, the person behind the ransomware, if they are nice, will release the decryptor where you can use to decrypt the system. If they are not the nice ones, with the money, they will leave and not do anything about it.

  • Ransomware will be able to remote detonate and remove or destroy all your data if not complied with

There are some cases where people do not pay up and the ransomware owner could choose to destroy all the files in your system and there goes the data of your company.


Always remember that good internal policies are what matters and how you can make a big difference in preventing ransomware attacks.

There are also software and hardware that can help you to avoid such attacks from ransomware attackers.

So with this understanding of what the dangers of ransomware can do to your system, what are some of the methods and systems that can help you to protect your computers and company from such deadly problems.

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