Cyber Security Tips Singapore

Some of the tips to avoid getting into cyber trouble by GROUP6 cyber-security professionals

When it comes to building up the cyber security strength of your business, there are a few things that you need to watch out for. Gone are the times when businesses are run based off paper and pen, all transactions are done on high speed internet and transactions are done by the millisecond. Emails and Whatsapp conversations are the norms and will continue to be for the coming decades. There is no avoiding getting involved with some kind of risk or another on the cyber space. Neither does criminals need to steal your items physically anymore. Cyber crimes are on the rise with hackers gaining access to bank details and make unauthorized transactions amounting to millions of dollars.
Cyber Security Tip 1. Human Error Portions of the business

Human Error is the biggest flaw that can exist in any business and this is one thing that many businesses do not pay too much attention on.

Most of the viruses and malware that infects the company computers and servers do not just get in through the front door. They are let in by careless staff members. Most malwares enter through emails and the careless person in the company could lead to catastophic system and operational failures and this is one thing all members need to be aware of. Lessons can be conducted to better educate and also to have policies to prevent installation of potential hijacking softwares.


Cyber Security Tip 2. Not having antivirus or firewall protection

There are many complacencies when it comes to running a business on the internet. Some business owners believe that having anti virus is enough, some believe that nothing will get to them. But in this time and age, where everyone and everything is done online. There are many forms of risk that you can be getting into without really knowing what to expect. Having anti viruses and firewalls in place are the bare minimum, it is similar to having a gate around your house. You keep those pesky theieves away but not the sophisticated ones. But if you do not even defend against those, you are asking for bigger trouble.


Cyber Security Tip 3. Not being educated in the idea of cyber security

Cyber Security threats are not a day to day things. Similar to falling sick, you only understand the importance of good health upon falling gravely sick. This is one thing that professionals like us in the cyber security have to pay attention to. Because now in this modern time and age, the amount of time placed into making sure computer systems work well are mostly taken for granted.


Cyber Security Tip 4. Keeping your software and firmware updated

Having software in place does not make you inpenetrable. There are cases where you systems are not updated and there are ways to make exploits on your system. This is not a good things, espeicailly if you use windows computer systems. The recent WannaCry Ransomware specifically takes advantage of flaws that are existent in older versions of windows and this is something that could have been prevented if things were kept up to date and updated on a regular interval.

Not only do you get defended up to date. You get new information of how to handle certain situations.


Cyber Security Tip 5. Do not use public wifi spots

Public wifi hot spots are not as secure as you think it is. Hackers can create hot spots that look like free public wifi but actually they are capturing data from your transactions. If you really have to use public wifi, do not use any bank transactions applications or items that will require high level of security because you could have your packages intercepted for hacker usage.

Always stay vigilant and prepared for any kinds of intrusions or attacks, contact Group6 Ransomware Protection and Cybersecurity Team if you need advise on such matters.