Cyber Security threats in Singapore to SMEs

Cyber Security threats in Singapore to SMEs

When you are someone who is running a business, the worst thing that can hit you is when your staff members or even yourself can’t use your computer to communicate with the world and have to lose days of productivity, this is becoming very common in Singapore where there has been a spate of cyber-attacks through ransomware attacks.
This is also one of the reasons why companies like Group6 Pte Ltd has come about to establish our outreach with businesses that are looking to implement systems that are not too expensive.
So what are some of the reasons why you should watch out for cyber-attacks such as ransomware attacks and what are some of the ways to defend against them so that you do not have any inconveniences that are associated with such attacks.


1. Cyber-attacks such as ransomware can cost productivity lost in the thousands

The biggest downside of a cyber security attack is when you get into trouble with your productivity because there are just a few hundred or smaller companies wise 20-30 staff member who are just looking at each other while the server is down and there is no way that they can get things done because there was an attack on your system. This is very unfortunate for most companies because you just have no way of communicating without proper systems on your computer to act on it.


2. Cyber-attacks can cause a loss of confidence in your company

Are you a law firm or accounting firm? If you’re either of such companies, the amount of damage that you get if you get attacked is very embarrassing because you are going to lose important data that your customers have entrusted in your company and this is something we need to avoid doing because it would mean commercially sensitive data are leaked without you even knowing it and it could have been easily defended if you implemented simple cyber security procedures or system in your company or SME firm.


3. Cyber-attacks can be avoided with inexpensive options

There are many cheap options where you could use that is sold by Group6 Pte Ltd that can be used to counter ransomware. The concept is to prevent encryption from happening and therefore stopping the possibility of getting a lock down by the ransomware and not being able to operate your systems.


4. Cyber-attacks can be avoided with good cyber security procedures

Many a times, the attacks come because you are too lax in some of your security procedures. Remember never to use public wifi because there are hardware that can be used to get your unencrypted data because you have to bypass this fake wifi routers. Cyber attacks also take place when you do not have proper systems to prevent your employees from installing software that might have possible attack potentials.


5. Cyber-attacks are mostly caused by human errors

Human error mostly cost all the cyber threats. Most commonly, emails that contain such viruses and malware are clicked and installed by unknowing staff members triggering a break down in your systems. You could also be plugging a thumb drive that contains virus and this is something that many do not find out because either there are not anti-virus or malware systems in place.


Group6 specializes in ransomware prevention and recovery as well as other cyber security threats. We are SME-friendly and keen to work with you.
Always stay vigilant and prepared for any kinds of intrusions or attacks, contact Group6 Ransomware Protection and Cybersecurity Team if you need advise on such matters.