Cyber Security News in Singapore

Cyber Security in Singapore’s News

Cyber Security in the News in Singapore. We intend to work and give summary one some of the articles produced by the mass media for sharing with readers.


Cyber Security News 1. Policy Changes needed to develop cyber-security ecosystem
Published on March 29 2017. Experts Proposed defering NS for students to study cyber defence skills and serve 2 years in cyber security roles. Also allowing government scholars to work in private sectors first then returning to government work. Prof Ben-Isarel also pointed out that Singapore’s plans to de-link its public servants’ computers from the Internet is “going backwards” – and something that Israel would not do.


Cyber Security News 2. 6 in 10 connect to unprotected Wi-Fi networks
Published February 15 2017. Survey conducted by 2000 respondents aged 15 years and above found that 6 out of 10 Singaporeans connect to open, non-password wifi without worries on the security issues involved. More than half do not regular do virus scans and 1/3 admit to not having security functions on their phones.


Cyber Security News 3. Noticeable rise in ransomware infections in Singapore
Published on May 6 2016. Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team advised that there has been a rise in the number of ransomware cases on SMEs and Individuals. Users are advised to avoid opening suspicious emails. Victims of ransomware can lodge a police report at any Neighbourhood Police Centre or Post or via the Electronic Police Centre website.


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