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New Wave of Ransomware hitting major firms with cyber attack

This information just came in, a few of our clients and friends are hit by what seems like the next round of Ransomware.

BBC has reported –

Verge has reported –

Forbes has reported –

Reuters has reported –


It seems like this round most of the damage is happening in Ukraine but from our sources, Metro Systems, Airports , Government Systems, in Shipping Maersk Line is hit and major companies seem to have been hit by this attack.

If you happen to be one of those who have been infected by this Ransomware wave or any of the other ransomware variations. Do make sure you do not just leave it as it is. It will not clear by itself and you will probably have to make a few decisions on how you want to carry on.

  1. Decide if the information that has been locked are system critical

The idea behind encrypting your information, is so that you will have no other means than to pay for the release of your data. For some business owners who do not believe in paying ransom because of various reasons, it might not be that wise IF the data is system critical. You might have to recover the customer data base or the financial data base of yours that you cannot just let go.

  1. Your company decides to pay up

Once you have decided that your company will be paying the ransom, you could consider calling a ransomware consultant like ours to assist with the negotiation phase. If you only have 1 computer infected, thats a small matter, if 100 computers are infected, the hackers are not going to let it go easily. Watch out for this and let experts assist you in the recovery.

If your company decides not to pay up, there’s nothing much to discuss. Your computer basically is a piece of dead meat.

  1. Decryption phase

If you are IT trained and understand what to do, you could go ahead and perform decryption. If you are not familiar, please get an expert to assist in this phase. You might end up double locking your computer if its not done right.

  1. Recover and make decisions on anti ransomware and back ups

Now that you have experienced it once, its better to not get involved with ransomware again! Consult cyber security experts on your options on keeping them at bay through software installations that can help you to detect and prevent their encrypting of your data.

Also make sure you have good back up options that are on or off site so that if all else fails, you do not have to start from zero again.

Group6 Pte Ltd is a SME based cyber security firm in Singapore. If you are keen know more, call us now!


Updates: Its been identified as Petya Ransomware

Are you computers updated so that you can avoid ransomware?

There has been a strong outcry and also possible damages when it comes to the recent wannacry ransomware attack. We are here to share some of the ways that you can take to avoid ransomware.

1. Find out version of Windows on your computer

First of all, it is important to note that the WannaCry can infect only devices on Windows.

It is a serious problem for computers that are running windows. Different windows have different patches. You need to figure out the version you are running.

2. Scan your computer for viruses

As official distributor for Sophos and Trend Micro, we strongly recommend this two brands that you can use to scan your computer of virus or ransomware. To watch for any possible problems that you can actually get involved in.

3. Install updates that patches the vulnerability in Windows

Here are some of the links to keeping your system updated.





What is a ransomware and how to protect your company against it

What is a Ransomware and how to protect your company against it

So there has been a strong push and alert from the whole world about this ransomware called WannaCry but did you know that ransomware has been a popular form of exploit in the cyber world for a few years now. Ransomware are more popular with corporate companies partly because of the higher quantum that they can receive when they manage to get ransom money and also the bigger effects it gets out of targeting corporates that might lose thousands in productivity cost when their systems are taken down by such malwares that aim to take control of your systems and servers and block access to functions.

So what exactly are ransomware and why are they so dangerous?


  • Ransomware are malwares that infect your computers

Ransomware can infect your computer through emails that you receive. The most common way of delivery is to send someone an email that has the ransomware in the email and for the unknowing staff member to open it up and infect the whole computer and even the server with the ransomware. Once the ransomware manages to get every system infected, it would activate and start to lock up all the functions and prevent you from using the system at all. This is when ransomware becomes the most potent because you can have highly sensitive data that is inside the system that you have no access to now. Or time sensitive data that you might need to trade with.

Some businesses that are big scale might also lose thousands in productivity lost because everyone just sits there and waits for things to happen.

  • Ransomware will lock your systems and threaten you with a ransom amount to unlock

So what happens when you have your systems locked. This criminals will start to request from you payment that will range from couple of hundreds to thousands and the amount can be substantial if they find out who they are dealing with. The most common way of receiving such payments is through bitcoin wallets and this is something that most law agencies are still unable to trace.

Once payment is made, the person behind the ransomware, if they are nice, will release the decryptor where you can use to decrypt the system. If they are not the nice ones, with the money, they will leave and not do anything about it.

  • Ransomware will be able to remote detonate and remove or destroy all your data if not complied with

There are some cases where people do not pay up and the ransomware owner could choose to destroy all the files in your system and there goes the data of your company.


Always remember that good internal policies are what matters and how you can make a big difference in preventing ransomware attacks.

There are also software and hardware that can help you to avoid such attacks from ransomware attackers.

So with this understanding of what the dangers of ransomware can do to your system, what are some of the methods and systems that can help you to protect your computers and company from such deadly problems.

Group6 Pte Ltd is one of the leading anti ransomware solutions providers in Singapore, you could contact us to find out more!

Cyber Security threats in Singapore to SMEs

Cyber Security threats in Singapore to SMEs

When you are someone who is running a business, the worst thing that can hit you is when your staff members or even yourself can’t use your computer to communicate with the world and have to lose days of productivity, this is becoming very common in Singapore where there has been a spate of cyber-attacks through ransomware attacks.
This is also one of the reasons why companies like Group6 Pte Ltd has come about to establish our outreach with businesses that are looking to implement systems that are not too expensive.
So what are some of the reasons why you should watch out for cyber-attacks such as ransomware attacks and what are some of the ways to defend against them so that you do not have any inconveniences that are associated with such attacks.


1. Cyber-attacks such as ransomware can cost productivity lost in the thousands

The biggest downside of a cyber security attack is when you get into trouble with your productivity because there are just a few hundred or smaller companies wise 20-30 staff member who are just looking at each other while the server is down and there is no way that they can get things done because there was an attack on your system. This is very unfortunate for most companies because you just have no way of communicating without proper systems on your computer to act on it.


2. Cyber-attacks can cause a loss of confidence in your company

Are you a law firm or accounting firm? If you’re either of such companies, the amount of damage that you get if you get attacked is very embarrassing because you are going to lose important data that your customers have entrusted in your company and this is something we need to avoid doing because it would mean commercially sensitive data are leaked without you even knowing it and it could have been easily defended if you implemented simple cyber security procedures or system in your company or SME firm.


3. Cyber-attacks can be avoided with inexpensive options

There are many cheap options where you could use that is sold by Group6 Pte Ltd that can be used to counter ransomware. The concept is to prevent encryption from happening and therefore stopping the possibility of getting a lock down by the ransomware and not being able to operate your systems.


4. Cyber-attacks can be avoided with good cyber security procedures

Many a times, the attacks come because you are too lax in some of your security procedures. Remember never to use public wifi because there are hardware that can be used to get your unencrypted data because you have to bypass this fake wifi routers. Cyber attacks also take place when you do not have proper systems to prevent your employees from installing software that might have possible attack potentials.


5. Cyber-attacks are mostly caused by human errors

Human error mostly cost all the cyber threats. Most commonly, emails that contain such viruses and malware are clicked and installed by unknowing staff members triggering a break down in your systems. You could also be plugging a thumb drive that contains virus and this is something that many do not find out because either there are not anti-virus or malware systems in place.


Group6 specializes in ransomware prevention and recovery as well as other cyber security threats. We are SME-friendly and keen to work with you.
Always stay vigilant and prepared for any kinds of intrusions or attacks, contact Group6 Ransomware Protection and Cybersecurity Team if you need advise on such matters.

Cyber Security News in Singapore

Cyber Security in Singapore’s News

Cyber Security in the News in Singapore. We intend to work and give summary one some of the articles produced by the mass media for sharing with readers.


Cyber Security News 1. Policy Changes needed to develop cyber-security ecosystem
Published on March 29 2017. Experts Proposed defering NS for students to study cyber defence skills and serve 2 years in cyber security roles. Also allowing government scholars to work in private sectors first then returning to government work. Prof Ben-Isarel also pointed out that Singapore’s plans to de-link its public servants’ computers from the Internet is “going backwards” – and something that Israel would not do.


Cyber Security News 2. 6 in 10 connect to unprotected Wi-Fi networks
Published February 15 2017. Survey conducted by 2000 respondents aged 15 years and above found that 6 out of 10 Singaporeans connect to open, non-password wifi without worries on the security issues involved. More than half do not regular do virus scans and 1/3 admit to not having security functions on their phones.


Cyber Security News 3. Noticeable rise in ransomware infections in Singapore
Published on May 6 2016. Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team advised that there has been a rise in the number of ransomware cases on SMEs and Individuals. Users are advised to avoid opening suspicious emails. Victims of ransomware can lodge a police report at any Neighbourhood Police Centre or Post or via the Electronic Police Centre website.


Always stay vigilant and prepared for any kinds of intrusions or attacks, contact Group6 Ransomware Protection and Cybersecurity Team if you need advise on such matters.

Cyber Security Tips Singapore

Some of the tips to avoid getting into cyber trouble by GROUP6 cyber-security professionals

When it comes to building up the cyber security strength of your business, there are a few things that you need to watch out for. Gone are the times when businesses are run based off paper and pen, all transactions are done on high speed internet and transactions are done by the millisecond. Emails and Whatsapp conversations are the norms and will continue to be for the coming decades. There is no avoiding getting involved with some kind of risk or another on the cyber space. Neither does criminals need to steal your items physically anymore. Cyber crimes are on the rise with hackers gaining access to bank details and make unauthorized transactions amounting to millions of dollars.
Cyber Security Tip 1. Human Error Portions of the business

Human Error is the biggest flaw that can exist in any business and this is one thing that many businesses do not pay too much attention on.

Most of the viruses and malware that infects the company computers and servers do not just get in through the front door. They are let in by careless staff members. Most malwares enter through emails and the careless person in the company could lead to catastophic system and operational failures and this is one thing all members need to be aware of. Lessons can be conducted to better educate and also to have policies to prevent installation of potential hijacking softwares.


Cyber Security Tip 2. Not having antivirus or firewall protection

There are many complacencies when it comes to running a business on the internet. Some business owners believe that having anti virus is enough, some believe that nothing will get to them. But in this time and age, where everyone and everything is done online. There are many forms of risk that you can be getting into without really knowing what to expect. Having anti viruses and firewalls in place are the bare minimum, it is similar to having a gate around your house. You keep those pesky theieves away but not the sophisticated ones. But if you do not even defend against those, you are asking for bigger trouble.


Cyber Security Tip 3. Not being educated in the idea of cyber security

Cyber Security threats are not a day to day things. Similar to falling sick, you only understand the importance of good health upon falling gravely sick. This is one thing that professionals like us in the cyber security have to pay attention to. Because now in this modern time and age, the amount of time placed into making sure computer systems work well are mostly taken for granted.


Cyber Security Tip 4. Keeping your software and firmware updated

Having software in place does not make you inpenetrable. There are cases where you systems are not updated and there are ways to make exploits on your system. This is not a good things, espeicailly if you use windows computer systems. The recent WannaCry Ransomware specifically takes advantage of flaws that are existent in older versions of windows and this is something that could have been prevented if things were kept up to date and updated on a regular interval.

Not only do you get defended up to date. You get new information of how to handle certain situations.


Cyber Security Tip 5. Do not use public wifi spots

Public wifi hot spots are not as secure as you think it is. Hackers can create hot spots that look like free public wifi but actually they are capturing data from your transactions. If you really have to use public wifi, do not use any bank transactions applications or items that will require high level of security because you could have your packages intercepted for hacker usage.

Always stay vigilant and prepared for any kinds of intrusions or attacks, contact Group6 Ransomware Protection and Cybersecurity Team if you need advise on such matters.