Identify And Protect Your Business Against Cyber Threats Now

Your starting point for securing your digital assets.

What We Do

We play the role of your Chief Information Security Officer so you can focus on core business activities.


We conduct vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to assess your business’ security posture.


We ensure you are in compliance with data and privacy protection laws. Avoiding fines and prosecution.

Prevention and Recovery

Proactively protect your data and in the aftermath of a data breach, we conduct forensic investigations on your behalf.


We deploy a suite of hardware and software protection for your network to keep your data safe from viruses, malwares such as ransomware and attacks.

Threat Intelligence

Receive awareness on active and upcoming cyber threats that can impact your business. Implement up to date defences.


Position your business for affordable cyber security insurance cover for full protection against your cyber risks.

Why wait till disaster strikes before you act?

Prevention is always better than cure. You protect against the risk of fire with fire extinguishers, sprinklers and fire insurance. Why not protect against cyber threats too when the likelihood of a cyber attack against your business is higher than fire?

Protection across multiple devices.

Be it your tablet, phone, computer or server, we are able to protect and defend your devices.

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GROUP6 Managed Cyber Security Services

As cyber threats are becoming more persistent and pervasive, why should your business stay stagnant?

No hidden costs - what you see is what you get

Our cyber security equipment and services are clearly priced and competitive, this is something that we are committed to. To ensure we have satisfied customers who are adequately protected at the best available prices. We all understand SMEs need anti-ransomware software at affordable prices in Singapore and that’s what we do!

We provide round-the-clock security monitoring so you can focus on your core business

Our software keeps you alerted 24/7 about potential attacks, we also have a back end team who is watching your systems for you and to prevent possible ransomware intrusions and intrusion through other manners through our firewall systems.

Numerous Colour Schemes

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You are in good hands with our team of experienced and certified cybersecurity professionals

Our founders are certified professional in cyber security fields and we only hire the best in the industry to ensure we are up to date with the latest developments of cyber security.

We can protect your phone, tablet, computer and servers (note, we don't do fridges just yet)

Your smart phone and tablets are the most commonly used systems and many people think there are no risk involved. But actually, there are! We are able to cross platform protect and monitor against cyber attacks and this is what we are happy to share about!

Numerous Colour Schemes

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Now you don't have to worry about data breaches

Human errors are the biggest problems any cyber security professional has to deal with. We will introduce best practices so that you are well protected and also in line with government requirements.

Up to date privacy and data protection policies.

Policies change and you need a cyber professional like us to help you with that.

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Security Monitoring Subscription

Choose the plan that suits you best. 30 days free trial with all plans.



  • Anti-ransomware protection
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Centralised 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Self-serve platform



  • Everything in Standard +
  • User application filtering
  • Data loss prevention
  • Web filtering
  • Priority support

Optional Add On:
Managed Firewall – As quoted
Security Training – As quoted
Mobile Device Monitoring – S$10 per device per month
Server Protection – S$20 per server per month
Contact us at [email protected] or +65 31160580

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GROUP6 helped me prevent the loss of important media files of my clients promptly, we also purchased anti-ransomware software that was very useful

Annabel LawPartner @ Love By July